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    Burning River Lacrosse is always interested in talking with appropriate companies (family friendly, lacrosse related) concerning sponsorship and/or partnership arrangements. In return for sponsorship / partnership Burning River Lacrosse can offer those companies various promotional, marketing and co-branding opportunities at our local (leagues, camps, clinics), national (travel team) and online (website) events. If are interested in discussing sponsorship / partnership please contact us at info@brlax.net Note: Burning River Lacrosse is not interested in selling our members contact information to outside companies so that they can market directly to our members. Sponsors should also note that Burning River Lacrosse shall have sole and exclusive control over all company events whether the sponsor is involved or not.

    We are proud to partner with Renegade Brands / Sweat X Detergent. Sweat X is the ultimate sports laundry detergent, designed to remove the toughest sports stains (grass, clay, mud, blood) and odors (sweat) from even your hardest to clean fabrics. It is phosphate free, PH Neutral (will not irritate skin) and 100% biodegradable. The company’s mission is also to return a portion of sales in support of community needs and charities.

    About Renegade Brands

    Founded in 2012 by Cathy Horton and Dennis Nolan, Renegade Brands is based in Beachwood, Ohio. The company is owned and run by a group of six athletes with unmatched experience, passion, and integrity. Renegade Brands and its employees design and deliver the highest quality products that provide exceptional performance, while at the same time producing no toxic impact on the environment. We are committed to living and executing our daily business operations in a manner steeped in Christian mission. To demonstrate our mission, we return to those in need, at least a tithe payment from our total sales proceeds received from our customers. In this way, we can live a meaningful life that, at its core, embodies fellowship and mercy.

    We are proud that Dick’s Sporting Goods will be a sponsor of our 2014 Summer Lacrosse leagues.  The agreement will provide Burning River participants with discounts, promotions and in store events at area Dick’s locations where Burning River participants can take advantage of Dick’s Sporting Good’s wide selection of the finest quality lacrosse products at competitive prices, backed by the best service anywhere. 

    About Dick's Sporting Goods

    Dick’s Sporting Goods started in 1948 by Dick Stack as a small bait and tackle shop in Binghamton, New York. Ten years later, his loyal customers began urging him to expand his business and start selling more products. Over the years, Dick’s has grown to what it is now, with over 300 stores selling the finest quality products at competitive prices, backed by the best service anywhere. They strive to meet their goal of being the #1 sports and fitness specialty retailer for all athletes and outdoor enthusiasts through the relentless improvement of everything they do.

    We are proud that Good Greens will be a sponsor of our Summer Travel Teams.  The agreement will provide our players with a healthy, natural and organic way to fuel up at this summer's tournaments.

    About Good Greens

    At Good Greens we believe that there should be a simple and delicious way to get the nutrients necessary to support a healthy body. 

    From children to seniors, we want to supply everybody with the vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants that it needs. In a world where there never seems to be enough time to eat healthy, Good Greens is here to remedy the fast food situation. We offer you real whole food, natural and organic bars that taste delicious and give you the energy you need to take on the day.

    Company founder Keith Pabley got the inspiration for Good Greens when he was working with a wellness physician on improving his practice. He saw the difference that superfoods could make in health and well-being − the only problem was that most green superfoods tasted awful.

    After developing Z-52, the core of our Good Greens powder, we searched for an easy way to get people to try it- that’s when we developed the Good Greens bars! (It’s amazing what people will try when it’s covered in organic dairy free dark chocolate!)

    "We at Burning River are thrilled to partner with the folks at String King.  Their stringing products are incredible, with consistency and performance well beyond their competitors.  Their products combined with their uString site are a resource that no lacrosse player should be without." Bill Fallon - assistant director, Burning River

    About StringKing

    StringKing was founded to solve a simple problem - lacrosse mesh and pockets perform inconsistently. Through industry leading manufacturing, advanced NEVER-BAG™ fibers, and their patent-pending TRUE-DIAMOND™ technology, StringKing has engineered the most consistent, highest performing mesh available. Whether it's hot or cold, wet or dry, the season opener or the championship game, you can trust your StringKing mesh to perform at the highest level every single day. This is why StringKing is converting more Professional and D1 College players than all other mesh companies combined.

    StringKing is the only company that manufactures and sells a non-nylon based mesh. Because StringKing mesh isn’t made of nylon, it does not need to be “weatherproofed” with a hard, rubber or wax coating. As a result, StringKing mesh breaks in immediately, strings up more consistently, performs at a higher level and stays at that level throughout its’ lifetime.

    As you know, the lacrosse pocket has an enormous influence on a player’s performance. It is the only piece of equipment that actually touches the ball. A high quality pocket allows players to develop proper mechanics and fundamentals without being hindered by inconsistent throwing and handling. With StringKing mesh & pockets, Burning River Lacrosse players can trust their sticks to perform consistently and focus on improving their game!

    We are proud to partner with The Goalie School as our exclusive instructional camp for goalie training.

    About The Goalie School

    The Goalie School was found in 1990 by Coach Bill Pilat (Roanoke college) as a way to provide goalie specific training rather than just having goalies shot on at summer camps.  The camp has grown from 1 location with 55 goalies at its start to 4 locations (Virginia, New York, Florida and Ohio), 6 sessions and over 600 goalies per year. 

    Quite simply the goalie school is, "the best goalie camp in all of lacrosse". This camp is filled before any other goalie camp in the country and the reason is it's the best! Extensive Video tapping, talks from All American Goalies, and attention to detail separate this camp from the rest! Coach Pilat and his carefully selected staff offer 5 day programs of intense instruction and drills to improve performance of the goaltender. This Camp gives campers a chance to work individually with Coach Pilat and his staff for five intense days.

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