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  • Travel Team Tournament Refund / Cancelation Policy

    1. Travel / Tournament team refunds will only be granted on the basis of medical emergencies / conditions and then only if we are able to find a replacement player.  IF WE CAN NOT FIND A REPLACEMENT PLAYER NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED.
      1. Please understand that this is because lodging (Dorms, Hotels, etc.), transportation (Bus, Plane, etc.) and event (Camp, Tournament, etc.) fees are paid in advance and are not refunded to Burning River Lacrosse if you do not attend.
    2. If there is a valid medical emergency/condition and we can find a replacement player, we will provide a full refund less a $100 substitution / administrative fee.
    3. Refund requests (medical emergencies / conditions only) must be in writing and a letter / documentation from a medical professional (doctor or hospital of record) must accompany the written request verifying the medical emergency / condition.

    Playing Time Policy
    We do not take players to tournaments so that they can sit or help with our finances.  If you were selected for the team, you have talent and you need to showcase that talent.  To that end, all players who attend a tournament play in the games.  Game time is normally allocated in a fairly even manner with all players rotating in and out during the course of a game.  The exception to this is in the last quarter of close games / games with a tough opponent at recruiting tournaments when we have to win to move on.  Under those circumstances playing time will not be evenly distributed.

    Expected Behavior
    You are considered to be an ambassador for both Burning River Lacrosse (specifically) and Northern Ohio lacrosse (in general).  Therefore, all normal team travel rules are in effect concerning your behavior and actions and the resulting consequences (if you do not know what these rules are ask first). Please be aware of the following rules:

    • Players may not leave the dorm / hotel or tournament area without the permission of a BR STAFF DIRECTOR – even if you are with your parents.
    • Any player who violates this rule will be sent home immediately.
    • The coaches should not have to scramble to find you because you decided to leave with your parents/family.
    • Refunds are not granted in cases of player dismissal.

    2015 Mercyhurst Tournament - 2016, 2017 and 2018 Teams (Field Map)

    The 2015 Mercyhurst Tournament will take place at the Family First Park in Erie, PA on Sunday June 14, 2015.

    The event is a 1 day tournament against the area's top regional teams. The purpose of the event is to give our high school teams multiple games at full club team speed before they head off to the Summer recruiting tournaments.

    Fields: grass and field turf, so bring cleats and your preference for turf shoes or cleats.


    All Players need to have a Mercyhurst Tournament waiver. It is available below: 

    2015 Mercyhurst Tournament Waiver (Click Here)

    Please sign the form and either 1) Scan and email it to coach Calleri or 2) mail it to coach Calleri at

    Burning River Lacrosse
    Attn: Coach Calleri
    2154 Arthur Avenue, Suite 926
    Lakewood, Ohio 44107



    2015 Tournament Rules

    • Games will be officiated under National HS Federation rules.
    • Games will be 25 minutes running time halves (Time to be kept by officials on the field)
    • One timeout 1 minute in length per game per team
    • 20 second clearing rule and 10 second offense advancing rule are in effect
    • Teams may only receive a horn when ball goes out on the sideline
    • Face-offs after each goal.
    • Penalties will be one minute for technical fouls and two minutes for personal fouls.
    • The penalty will begin on official's restart of play after penalty is called and player is in the penalty box.
    • Penalties are running time.
    •  The officials will keep all penalty time.
    • Any fighting or flagrant disrespect toward an official or any other person will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament. No Exceptions.
    • There is no overtime if a game is tied at the end of regulation it will end in a tie!

    All games will stop IMMEDIATELY in the case of lightning and or thunder and players/spectators will be asked to seek shelter

    2015 Tournament Schedule (2015 Schedule Is Not Available Yet)

    The actual tournament format / schedule will be released in June. The general schedule is below.

    Sunday June 14, 2015 (Example Only)

    • 9 am Check-in

    • 10:00 AM versus Team 1 Field 1

    • 12:00 PM versus Team 2 Field 6

    • 3:00 PM versus Team 3 Field 5

    2015 College Coaches (In Attendance In Prior Years)

    The tournament director is sending invitations out to all Division 1, 2, and 3 coaches within a 5 hour radius of Mercyhurst. When these coaches confirm their attendance we will list them below. Please note: that there are no guarantees as to which colleges will attend this summer or which games those coaches in attendance will watch. The best thing to do is to contact the coaches of the schools you have an interest in and let them know which tournaments you will be at this summer.

    2014 College Programs: Mercyhurst, Mount Union, Baldwin Wallace, Hiram.

    2015 Check In / Check Out (Tournament)

    All Players – Should meet the coaches at the field of their first game 45 minutes prior to the start. (Last year's times are below)

    • 2017 Team that means 10 am at field 1

    • 2016 Team that means 11 am at field 2

    • 2015 Team that means 2 pm at field 1

    2015 Lodging - There Is No Hotel For This Tournament

    There will be no team travel arrangements for this tournament. Mercyhurst is only 1.5 hours from Cleveland and we are only playing on Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Therefore, players are responsible for their own hotel arrangements if they do not want to drive up on June 14, 2015. 

    2015 Transportation / Directions - There Is No Bus For This Tournament

    There will be no team travel arrangements for this tournament. Mercyhurst is only 1.5 hours from Cleveland and we are only playing on Sunday, June 14, 2015 from 10 am to 5 pm. Therefore, players are responsible for their own transportation to and from the tournaments. 

    Any player needing a ride should contact coach Calleri immediately.  He will help arrange carpools.  Any player/parent willing to help out with carpooling should also contact coach Calleri so that he will know where we have room in cars.  Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

    Specific Directions to theFamily First Sports Park can be found HERE. Just enter the address you plan to leave from.

    General Directions to the Family First Sports Park (8155 Oliver Road, Erie, PA 16509) are below:

    • Take 90 East all the way to PA exit 24 (US-19/Peach St)
    • Turn right onto US-19 S/Peach St. (0.2 mi)
    • Turn right onto Oliver Rd.
    • The park is 0.4 miles down on the left.

    2015 Meals - You Must Bring Money For Food As It Is Not Included In The Tournament Package

    No meals are provided at the tournament.

    Please plan accordingly and bring a brown bag lunch or money to run out and buy food with between games.  

    2015 What To Bring

    • For the field: all equipment including but not limited to helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, sticks, cleats, turf shoes etc.
    • Water Bottles. Water will be provided on every field, but not water bottles.
    • Money: not too much, but enough for lunch / dinner.

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