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  • 2016 Summer Travel Team Tryout Overview

    Burning River Lacrosse’s travel teams were founded in 2006 to showcase Northern Ohio lacrosse players who are highly skilled but also of high character. Unlike other travel teams that only accept coaches' recommendations, Burning River Lacrosse holds tryouts so that every player with an interest can showcase his talent and make a case for making the team.  As a result, our players are not primarily from 1 or 2 teams but are from numerous programs.  In fact, our 2015 teams had players from over 50 Northern Ohio schools. More information on our program can be found by Clicking Here

    How Do I Register For The Tryouts? - (Click For A PDF Of How To Register)

    Registration is simply and easy once you have a Burning River Lacrosse account. If you have an account please login and then click on the 'REGISTRATIONS' button under the 'YOUR ACCOUNT' heading and click on 2016 Summer Travel Team Tryouts (5th / 8th or 9th / 11th).

    If you do not have a account simply click on the create an account link on our website and follow the directions.

    Please note each player must have their own account (i.e. no family accounts).

    If you have any questions about the league or the registration process please contact us at 216.373.5684

    2016 Summer Travel Team - WAIVERS & Concussion Form

    All participants are requierd to have the following waivers

    • A BR Lax electronic waiver - signed during the registration process.

    In addition, the State Of Ohio past Ohio law (ORC 3707.511) which requires all youth sports organization to provide a concussion information document to the parent / guardian of all individuals who participate in any of their athletic activities. Click Here to recieve that document.

    2016 Summer Travel Team Objectives

    High School Teams (2017, 2018, and 2019)
    The goal of our high school teams is college recruitment.

    We do this through our‘‘Burning River Way’™ instruction system which is designed to teach players the fundamental skills, advanced strategy of a higher-level lacrosse program and accelerate our players' development.

    Our ‘‘Burning River Way’™ is a unique training and development system unavailable at any other club program.  It is composed of our practice plans, skills focus and developmental offerings designed in conjunction with college coaches and exclusive to Burning River Lacrosse.  This allows us to develop our players to their full potential.  To learn more about our ‘‘Burning River Way’™ please click here.

    Middle School / Youth Teams (2020, 2021, 2022/23)
    The goal of our Middle School and Youth teams is player development.

    At the middle school / youth level our program is designed to teach players the fundamental skills and strategies so that they can play higher-level lacrosse. While we believe the competitive nature of our program accelerates our players' development; the competitive element can become destructive if our participants lose sight of the basic goal of our program which is to improve fundamental skills.

    It is our belief that by participating in our program, our players will develop the physical and mental skills to play at a higher-level program (college or high school) and develop the fundamental skills of the game. 

    While we believe that winning is important, it is not the primary goal of our program, especially at the younger levels.  At the younger levels our belief is that it is more important to teach than to win. This should not be interpreted as any less of a commitment to winning; however, we are much more concerned about our players’ skill development than the number of tournaments we win. We will focus on skill development, and the importance of consistently putting forth a complete effort rather than the results from that effort. In turn, we will coach and teach at a higher level, allow the players to grow to young adults and treat your son with respect and without the verbal berating that frequently occurs in youth sports.

    Travel Team Testimonials (Read All Testimonials)

    “As a college coach, I have always been impressed with the sportsmanship and competitive spirit shown by the players and coaches in the Burning River Lacrosse program. The players play at a high level and are prepared for top level college lacrosse from the coaching they receive and the tournaments they participate in. Coach Calleri and his staff give the players year round guidance in the college selection process which goes above and beyond other club teams." Coach Pilat, Roanoke College

    "...One thing that really struck me is that Coach Calleri has a network of college coaches that look to him to deliver players.  Recruiting is hard for college coaches; its almost impossible for them to get around to see all the players so in addition to to doing their own evaluation coaches count getting the inside scoop from Woody and the Burning River team.  It's almost like having your own agent looking out for your son's best interest..... Heck, Charlie even got contacted after tryouts and making the Elite team.  He had not even played a minute during a summer tournament and was already getting requests for college visits.   The BR brand is that trusted by coaches..." Zimmerman Family - 2015 graduate

    "...There is no way he could have accomplished this without your guidance and support. Our family appreciates all that you have done and especially your high level of engagement over the past few months as Mario's goals were starting to become a reality. Your involvement clearly helped to build the road that Mario needed to take right to the front door of  Division One Lacrosse..." Caito Family - 2015 graduate

    "For anyone in northern Ohio who wants to develop into a high level lacrosse player this program is a must.  If not for Burning River Steven would not have had the opportunity to play Division I lacrosse at the collegiate level..." Coss Family - 2014 Graduate

    "There is nothing that can prepare your son for High School or College level lacrosse more effectively than Burning River Lacrosse..." Hartong Family - 2014 Graduate

    "The personal attention and individual coaching that you and your assistant coaches provide to ALL your players is truly a witness to your commitment to share your LAX knowledge with others. Josh has played for other club/tournament teams in the past but none have provided the same level of competition or the exposure that Burning River provides..." Kuehn Family - 2013 Graduate

    "I have nothing but great things to say about Coach Woody Calleri, his staff and the Burning River Lacrosse Program. Woody and his staff do so many great things for these boys.... When he tells you he will go out of his way for your son. He means it..." Galosi Family - 2013 Graduate

    "With Hogan we chased the “best” opportunities for college exposure through 'a Columbus based program' and 'a Cleveland based program'. Although 'good' programs, neither of these organizations provided the honest feedback, college recruiting guidance or the attention to our son in developing his game..."  Harris Family - 2012 Graduate

    "There is only one organization we have to thank for James being recruited by UVA and that is Burning River. Without Woody and the team behind him it would not have been possible.."  Dahlheimer Family - 2012 Graduate

    "Burning River Lax has made all the difference in our son’s lacrosse experience. I can’t speak highly enough of what Coach Calleri and his program has done for the success of our son...”  Brady Family - 2012 Graduate

    When Are The Tryouts For the 2016 Summer Travel Team?

    Our tryouts are held at the Broadview Heights Recreation Center (9543 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights) on the following dates:

    High School - See HS Flyer

    • Sunday September 27, 2015 9th to 11th graders (Grad Year 2017, 2018 and 2019).

      • 2019 Players - tryout from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

      • 2017 and 2018 Players - tryout from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM (all players driving 1 hr + should attend this time slot)

    5th to 8th Grade - See 5th / 8th grade Flyer

    • Sunday September 13, 2015 5th to 8th graders (Grad Year 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023).

      • 5th / 6th grade players (2022/2023 Team) - from 9:00 AM to 10:15 AM

      • 7th grade players (2021 team) - from 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM
      • 8th grade players (2020 team) - from 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM
    The tryouts will consist of a series of basic drills that evaluate stickwork, fundamentals, dodging and defending. Players will be evaluated by all the coaches at the event. In prior years that has meant between 7 and 12 coaches.

    For more information on our teams please visit our 2016 Summer Travel Team OVERVIEW page

    What Do The Tryouts Cost?

    • Tryouts costs $20 in advance or $30 at the door.

    How Is Eligibility Determined For the 2016 Travel Teams?

    High School
    The college coaches have asked that going forward we select our team based on graduation year wherever possible.  They indicated that this makes their job easier as it allows them to see players compete against other players in a recruiting class.  Their thought is that it is better to dominate against like year players then be good against the best players.   

    Therefore we will have a 2017, 2018 and 2019 team. 

    We may also have a Select team of Jr/So who play at recruiting tournaments.  This will depend on the quantity and quality of the players at tryouts.

    • 2017 - Open to all 2017 graduates.

    • 2018 - Open to all 2018 graduates.

    • 2019 - Open to all 2019 graduates.

    5th to 8th Grade
    At the high school level college coaches have asked us to select our teams based on graduation year.  They indicated that this makes their job easier as it allows them to see players compete against other players in a recruiting class.  Their thought is that it is better to dominate against like year players then be good against the best players.   Therefore we will continue to do the same at the middle school and youth letters and select 2020, 2021 and 2022/23 teams.  We may also have an additional team of 7/8th graders depending on the quantity and quality of the players at tryouts.

    • 2020 - Open to all 2020 graduates.

    • 2021- Open to all 2020 graduates.

    • 2022/23 - Open to all 2022 or 2023 graduates.

    Note - birthdays have nothing to due with the teams. Please do not call us about birthday questions.

    The Selection Process

    How are teams selected?
    At the tryouts we have numerous (10+) college coaches and high school coaches evaluate your son during the drills and small group play. The coaches are looking for stick skills, dodging/defending, small group work and game sense. After the evaluation the coaches meet to discuss every player who is being evaluated. Each coach gets 1 vote on each player. The players with the most votes are placed on the teams.

    How many players are selected?
    Each team is composed of approximately 22 players. The exact composition varies by team but in general is
    3/4 dodging attackmen, 1/2 crease attackman, 4/5 close defensemen, 1/2 LSM, 8/9 midfielders, 1 FOGO and 1/2 goalies. 

    How competitive are the tryouts?
    The tryouts are fairly competitive with over 300 players trying out across all levels.  The older the players the more competitive.  At the high school team level you have to be very, very good with years of experience.  We wish we could provide more guidance but we cannot. 

    Are the teams pre-determined? Do all the prior year players make the team?
    Absolutely not, we are 100% committed to giving every player a fair evaluation & selecting only those that earn a spot!  As a result, every year there are new players that make the teams and players who are on the current teams that do not. We also have kids that make the team who were cut the year before.  To ensure that everyone will get a fair evaluation we do the following: 1) everyone has tryouts out on the same day, no returning player can wear their travel pinnie at tryouts, and all players are referred to in evaluation and drills by the number on their bib, not their name.

    We are committed to giving every player a fair evaluation & selecting only those that earn a spot!

    2016 Travel Team Commitment

    High School (2017, 2018, 2019)
    Burning River strives to provide both players and their families with the best experience possible during our summer travel season.  We also strive to provide players with the best opportunity to be seen and recruited by college coaches.  This is why we require a firm commitment (barring injury, death in the family, etc) to attend and participate in all practices, scrimmages, and tournaments from all players at the time they accept a roster spot.  This commitment will have a direct impact on both our team chemistry and our ability to compete at and win the top level tournaments we attend.  This as you know has a direct impact on you and your teammates’ ability to get seen (coaches come to watch the winning teams) and recruited by college coaches (the goal of the HS Team).

    Please understand that by accepting and registering for the team, you are agreeing to this commitment.  In return, your teammates and coaching staff are committing to be there to help you achieve your college goals.

    Thank you for your understanding as to why your commitment is so important. 

    Important: If you make the team but can not make all the summer tournaments we will attempt to find a replacement.  Should that replacement be able to attend all the tournaments we will give him your starting spot and you will be moved to an alternate position for the tournament(s) you can attend.  This policy is in place because it is extremely difficult to find replacements and we need to have the broadest latitude in searching for them.

    Middle School School (2020, 2021, 2022/23)
    If your son makes the team he is expected to make the practices and tournaments.  At the younger age groups this means 2 or 3 tournaments and 8-10 practices (On Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning).  There is no other commitment.  We are well aware of the requirements of other travel sports with practices everyday for the summer and tournaments every weekend.  We believe that you and your son should have a summer to travel, relax, visit and be kids.  As a result, we limit the travel team time constraints/requirements on your son and your family.  

    Burning River’s Commitment To You

    Unlike programs that 1) make unrealistic promises (“All our players get into Division 1 programs”), 2) just look to churn and burn players (“We take anyone as long as they can pay”) or 3) don’t care if they help your son by putting him in the best position to excel (e.g. take players to tournaments they go 0-5 at) Burning River’s staff strives to do everything possible to improve your son’s fundamental skills (stick and lax IQ) and help him achieve his future goals whether it is to play in college or to be the best high school player he can be.  To that end our staff does the following:


    1. Give you an honest evaluation of your son’s ability
      Our top staff has over 100 years of combined experience coaching and helping players get recruited.  We use that knowledge and experience to help guide your son through the college recruiting process so that he finds a school at which he can succeed both academically and athletically.  For example, if your son is 5’6”, runs a 5.2 40 yard dash and carries a 2.6 GPA we will not set him and you up for failure by making unrealistic promises that we can get him into to Virginia (National D1 champions).  Instead we will work to get him into a D3 school where he can handle the academics and compete athletically.

    2. Use our extensive network of college coaches to find a place for your son to play in college.
      Unlike some of the other programs out there who know only a few college coaches or are only willing to email them, our coaching staff has an extensive list of college coaches that we actually call on your son’s behalf.  In fact, we are in contact with college programs on a daily basis about our players, program and events in our area.  As a result, Burning River players have committed to or are playing for over 72 different college programs at all competitive levels (D1, D2, D3, JUCO). These college programs include: Adrian College, Air Force Academy, Amherst College, Babson College, Baldwin Wallace University, Bates College, Bellarmine University, Belmont Abbey, Berry College, Bowdoin College, Canisius College, Capital University, College of Wooster, Colorado College, Dartmouth College, Dowling College, Duke University , Emmanual College, Endicott College, Fairfield University, Goucher College, Haverford College, College of the Holy Cross, Hood College, Jacksonville University, Lafayette College, Lake Erie College, LeMoyne College, Lourdes University, Manhattan University, Marquette University, Mercyhurst University, Mercyhurst Northeast, Nazareth College, Oberlin College, Ohio Northern, Ohio Wesleyan, Onondaga Community College, Queens College, Quinnipiac University, Roanoke College, Robert Morris College, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rollins College, Seton Hill College, St. Leo College, St. Vincent College, Salisbury University, SUNY Cortland, Siena College, Swarthmore College, Syracuse University, The Ohio State University, Thiel College, Towson State, U of Albany, U of Denver, U of Detroit Mercy, U of Michigan, U of Mt. Union, U at Plattsburgh, U of Tampa, U of Vermont, U of Virginia, Walsh University, Washington & Jefferson, and Wittenberg University..

    3. Make calls on your son’s behalf to the college programs of his choice.
      We want to stress what was stated above.  In an effort to help your son get recruited by the schools he has a strong interest in attending our staff calls the coaches at those schools to impress upon them your son’s qualifications and desire to play for them.  College coaches have repeatedly told club coaches, parents and prospective players that this is the number #1 thing that programs can do for their players.  We have been doing this for years. 

      To quote one local high school coach “I have never seen anyone work as hard to get my players into college as Coach Calleri has.  He has called numerous college coaches, provided the players and their families with feedback, laid out a timeline of things the player needs to do and helped guide them through the process.  My kids would not be where they are today if Burning River Lacrosse wasn’t as proactive as they are.”

      To quote one local parent “Burning River’s staff has help us every step of the way.  They have called coaches to be our son’s advocate, guided our son’s lacrosse improvement and guided us through the admissions process.  I don’t know what we would have done without their help and advice.”

    4. Work to improve your son’s lacrosse ability so that he can succeed at the next level.
      Our coaches have worked with college coaches to develop and implement our fundamentals skills camp.  (All travel team players attend for free.) The camp gives our players the opportunity to improve their skills and lax IQ while receiving the detailed small group instruction that will allow them to be best prepared to showcase their talent in front of the college coaches.  In fact, players who have attended the skills camp in the past have called it the “best event I have ever attended.”

    5. Attend tournaments that allow your son to showcase his talent in front of the college coaches.
      Our coaches work with the college coaches and tournament directors to ensure that we are attending the top tournaments and competing against the correct teams so that our players will get recruited.  It does your son no good, and actually harms his chances, to attend a tournament before he is ready to compete effectively at that level. 

      Every year we see this play out with other players and teams attending tournaments they are not ready for and getting very negative reviews.  This happens when 1) teams get blown out 15-1 because other programs take them to tournaments they are not ready for.  When this happens college coaches quickly stop watching the game and go watch a different game, 2) teams do not win at tournaments (coaches attend the winning teams’ games the second day), or 3) players get called out by their opponent in front of the college coaches (e.g. “Take the kid in the red helmet because he can’t play defense / has no left”)  All these things happen every year especially to newer programs and they all negatively impact your son’s ability to be seen in a positive way by the college coaches.

    6. Focus exclusively on your son.
      We are successful because of our ability to develop top level players and get them recruited.  We have this ability because we only offer 1 team per graduation year.  This allows us to know your son and to focus all of our resources and efforts on helping him achieve his full potential unlike pyramid and franchise programs that are focused on the volume number of players in their program.

    Information Concerning The Day Of Tryouts / Check In

    Check - In

    • Please arrive 20-30 minutes before your tryout to facilitate check in.
    • Please bring final payment if you have not done so already.

    How Do I Get A Tryout Number
    At registration you will be given an adhesive numbered bib (9" by 7").  Please attach it to your back as we will be evaluating you under this number.

    • Do not trade numbers. (The wrong player will be evaluated if you do this)

    • Do not try to see how many times the bib can be taken off and re-stuck. 

    Uniforms - * current BR players are NOT to wear their BR travel team pinnie.

    • If you have a BR lax pinnie (league not travel team) feel free to wear it. However, you do not need to have a BR Lax pinnie.

    • If you do not, you are allowed to wear any pinnie you want as long as it is not one of our competitors.

    The facility has sports turf (black pelts).  You can wear either sneakers or cleats - no metal spikes.

    Bring your own water/drinks.  The facility has limited access to water fountains. 

    Mouthpieces / Equipment - Players will not be allowed to participate without a mouthpiece.

    • Each player must bring a full set of equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, and stick) to the tryouts.
    • Players will not be allowed to participate without a full set of equipment.
    • All sticks must be field lacrosse legal.  Players may not use pinched heads.

    Directions To The Tryouts / Parking - Broadview Heights Recreation Center

    The tryouts are being held at the Broadview Heights Recreation Center. Directions are below.

    Broadview Heights Recreation Center
    9543 Broadview Road, Broadview Heights Royalton, Ohio 44117

    Directions from the North (I-77)

      1. Follow I-77 south (Akron) to exit 149 OH 82  (West/East Royalton road). 
      2. Turn right/west on West Royalton road towards Broadview Heights.  (2 miles) 
      3. Turn left on Broadview Road 
      4. Go 1/2 mile.  Facility is on the left. 

    Directions from the South (I-77)

      1. Follow I-77 North (Cleveland to exit 149 OH 82 (West/East Royalton road).   
      2. Turn left/west on West Royalton road towards Broadview Heights. (2 miles)   
      3. Turn left on Broadview Road.
      4. Go 1/2 mile. Facility is on the left.   

    Directions from the South (I - 71)

      1. Take I - 71 North Take Exit 231 (Royalton road/ OH - 82 E).   
      2. Follow Royalton road / OH - 82 E (approximately  7 miles)   
      3. Turn right on Broadview Road   
      4. Go 1/2 mile. Facility is on the left.    

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