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  • 2017 BOX Travel Team Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why Should My Son Play For Burning River? - Our Parents And Area Coaches Say It Best

    To quote one local parent "My son loved every minute of it, including practices. I would pick him up from 3 hours of practice in 95 degree heat, and ask him how it was- every time he'd say, "AWESOME!".

    To quote one local parent “Burning River’s staff has help us every step of the way. They have called coaches to be our son’s advocate, guided our son’s lacrosse improvement and guided us through the admissions process. I don’t know what we would have done without their help and advice.”

    To quote one local high school coach “I have never seen anyone work as hard to get my players into college as Coach Calleri has. He has called numerous college coaches, provided the players and their families with feedback, laid out a timeline of things the player needs to do and helped guide them through the process. My kids would not be where they are today if Burning River Lacrosse wasn’t as proactive as they are.”

    To Read All The Travel Team Testimonials Click This Link (Read Testimonials)

    What Separates Burning River?

    Simply stated, we have a proven record of success both locally and nationally across all our teams.

    These results are because of:

    • Our Dedication,
    • Our Instruction,
    • Our Network,
    • Our Focus and
    • Our Achievements

    No other team offers the coaching, practice format, competitive tournaments, network (tournament and college coaches), and/or support that we do.

    To learn more about What Separates Burning River please visit - http://www.brlax.net/template_whatseparatesbr.cfm


    What If My Son Is Unable To Make The Initial Tryouts Or Did Not Know About Them?

    We understand that for a host of reasons players can not always make the tryouts. Because of this, we allow players to attend any of our Canadian Box league sessions and get evaulated at those events.

    If you would like to be evaluated and missed tryouts please contact coach Calleri at 216.373.5684 to make arrangements.

    How Successful Have Your Teams / Players Been In The Past?

    Our Box teams are just getting started. However, our summer travel players and teams have a proven record of success both locally and nationally that we expect our Box teams to match - see below.

    Overall our summer travel teams have:

    • won or finished undefeated at 23 national tournaments in the past 6 years

    To see all our awards visit - www.brlax.net/template_awards.cfm

    During the past 3 years our players received the following local awards:

    • 7 Ohio Position Player Of The Year - ( Attack, 2 Midfield, LSM, Defense, 2 Goalie) and 1 coach (Jim Scully)
    • 3 MVP State Championship Game - (2 Offensive and Defensive)
    • 50 All Ohio
    • 19 All Americans
    • 8 Academic All Americans
    • 3 Northern Ohio Player of the Year
    • 146 All Region
    • 73 Captains

    To see more of our players' honors please visit - http://www.brlax.net/template_2016Springtravelteamawards.cfm

    To see where our players are in college please visit - www.brlax.net/template_playercommitments.cfm

    In 2015 and 2016 our alumni achieved the following:

    • 2 Pro Players
    • 2 NCAA Champions
    • 1 Conference (OAC) Freshman Of The Year
    • 3 Conference Player of the Week
    • 13 All Conference Awards
    • 19 Conference Champions and 3 Conference Runner Ups
    • 20 Players Participating In The NCAA Tournament

    To see more of our college players' honors visit - http://www.brlax.net/template_2016alumniupdate.cfm

    What Can You Tell Me About Tryouts?

    We are committed to giving every player a fair evaluation & selecting only those that earn a spot!

    How are players evaluated?
    At the tryouts we have numerous coaches evaluate your son during Box game play. The coaches are looking for athleticism, stick skills, dodging/defending, and game sense / lax IQ. After the evaluation the coaches meet to discuss every player who is being evaluated. Each coach gets a vote as to whether each player has the ability to compete at the level needed to be on our team. The players that the coaches feel have that ability are placed on the team.

    How many players are selected?
    Each team is composed of approximately 15 players. The exact composition varies by team but in general is
    4 attackers, 4 defensemen, 6 transition players and 1/2 goalies. 

    How competitive are the tryouts?
    The tryouts are fairly competitive.  The older the players the more competitive.  At the high school team level you have to be very, very good.  We wish we could provide more guidance but we cannot. 

    Are the teams pre-determined? Do all the prior year players make the team?
    Absolutely not, we are 100% committed to giving every player a fair evaluation & selecting only those that earn a spot!  As a result, every year there are new players that make the teams and players who are on the current teams that do not. We also have kids that make the team who were cut the year before.  To ensure that everyone will get a fair evaluation we do the following: 1) everyone has tryouts out on the same day, no returning player can wear their travel pinnie at tryouts, and all players are referred to in evaluation and drills by the number on their bib, not their name.


    How Is Eligibility Determined?

    We base our teams on graduation years.

    Therefore we will have the following teams:

    • 2017/ 2018 - Maroon Team
    • 2019 / 2020 - Navy Team
    • 2021 / 2022 - Gray Team

    Note - birthdays have nothing to do with the teams. Please do not call us about birthday questions.

    What Is The Expected Commitment?

    Burning River strives to provide both players and their families with the best experience possible. We also strive to provide players with the best opportunity to be seen and recruited by college coaches.  This is why we require a firm commitment (barring injury, death in the family, etc) to attend and participate in all practices, scrimmages, and tournaments from all players at the time they accept a roster spot.  This commitment will have a direct impact on both our team chemistry and our ability to compete at and win the top level tournaments we attend.  This as you know has a direct impact on you and your teammates’ ability to get seen (coaches come to watch the winning teams) and recruited by college coaches (the goal of our HS Teams).

    Please understand that by accepting and registering for the team, you are agreeing to this commitment.  In return, your teammates and coaching staff are committing to be there to help you achieve your college goals. Thank you for your understanding as to why your commitment is so important. 

    Box Travel Team Committment

    • Sunday February 12 - Practice (approx 1.5 hours)

    • Saturday February 18 & Sunday February 19 - Midwest Classic tournament

    What Is The Cost Of The BOX Travel Team? What Is Included?

    The cost of participating is

    • Team Fee - $225 (includes tournament and practice)

    • Jersey (if you do not have one) - $55 (same jersey as last year / the league jersey)

    Please note - The costs do not include transportation, hotel or food.

    How Is Playing Time Handled?

    We do not take players to tournaments so that they can sit or help with our finances.  If you were selected for the team, you have talent and you need to showcase that talent.  To that end, all players who attend a tournament play in the games.  Game time is normally allocated in a fairly even manner with all players rotating in and out during the course of a game.  The exception to this is in the last quarter of close games / games with a tough opponent at recruiting tournaments when we have to win to move on.  Under those circumstances playing time will not be evenly distributed.

    What Is The Expected Behavior At Tournaments?

    You are considered to be an ambassador for both Burning River Lacrosse (specifically) and Northern Ohio lacrosse (in general).  Therefore, all normal team travel rules are in effect concerning your behavior and actions and the resulting consequences (if you do not know what these rules are ask first). Please be aware of the following rules:

    • Players may not leave the tournament area until the end of the daily events without the permission of a BR STAFF DIRECTOR – even if you are with your parents.
    • Any player who violates this rule will be sent home immediately.
    • The coaches should not have to scramble to find you because you decided to leave with your parents/family.
    • Refunds are not granted in cases of player dismissal.


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