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  • Travel Team Tournament Refund / Cancelation Policy

    1. Travel / Tournament team refunds will only be granted on the basis of medical emergencies / conditions and then only if we are able to find a replacement player.  IF WE CAN NOT FIND A REPLACEMENT PLAYER NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED.
      1. Please understand that this is because lodging (Dorms, Hotels, etc.), transportation (Bus, Plane, etc.) and event (Camp, Tournament, etc.) fees are paid in advance and are not refunded to Burning River Lacrosse if you do not attend.
    2. If there is a valid medical emergency/condition and we can find a replacement player, we will provide a full refund less a $100 substitution / administrative fee.
    3. Refund requests (medical emergencies / conditions only) must be in writing and a letter / documentation from a medical professional (doctor or hospital of record) must accompany the written request verifying the medical emergency / condition.

    Playing Time Policy
    We do not take players to tournaments so that they can sit or help with our finances.  If you were selected for the team, you have talent and you need to showcase that talent.  To that end, all players who attend a tournament play in the games.  Game time is normally allocated in a fairly even manner with all players rotating in and out during the course of a game.  The exception to this is in the last quarter of close games / games with a tough opponent at recruiting tournaments when we have to win to move on.  Under those circumstances playing time will not be evenly distributed.

    Expected Behavior
    You are considered to be an ambassador for both Burning River Lacrosse (specifically) and Ohio lacrosse (in general).  Therefore, all normal team travel rules are in effect concerning your behavior and actions and the resulting consequences (if you do not know what these rules are ask first). Please be aware of the following rule

    • Players may not leave the dorm / hotel or tournament area without the permission of a BR STAFF DIRECTOR – even if you are with your parents.
    • Any player who violates this rule will be sent home immediately.
    • The coaches should not have to scramble to find you because you decided to leave with your parents/family.
    • Refunds are not granted in cases of player dismissal.

    2018 Capital Classic - Boys 2022 team (Website)

    The 2018 Capital Classic will take place at the Polo Fields at SummerHill Farm, Jerusalem Road, Poolesville, MD on Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1, 2018.

    Welcome to the 11th annual 2018 Capital Classic lacrosse tournament for boys in 2019-2027 graduation years. We typically host 75-100 teams from 8-12 states. We hope your teams enjoy the gorgeous, unique venue playing against talented teams from across the country who want to compete at the highest level in balanced and fair divisions. Teams will find our tournaments extremely organized and professionally managed. Referees are outstanding and players and coaches are strongly encouraged to display exemplary sportsmanship on and off the field. Be sure to enjoy the Nation's Capital while in town!

    Fields: Grass

    2018 Waivers / Administration (Updated For 2018)

    All Players need to have signed the online Capital Classic waiver. It is available by clicking on the link below:


    2018 Boys Tournament Rules / Format

    • Full NCAA Rules Apply except there are NO stick checks unless requested. Any sticks can be used by all.
    • All Games are four, 11 minute running quarters. 2 minute break between all quarters and half-time.
    • All penalties are running time starting on ref whistle.
    • No Ties allowed. One 2 minute running time Sudden Death Over-Time period. After OT period go to 2-Man Braveheart (1 goalie, 1 field player). 1 player must stay on-side.
    • One 30 second time-out per game anytime but ONLY if score is within 2 goals. Clock & Penalties stop on T/O. No T/O's in OT or Braveheart.
    • Unless noted, best Teams by record in pools advance to Championship or playoffs.
    • All teams play at least 5 games except last place team in 2023 division.
    • Tie records broken by Head to Head, then lowest Goals Against, then highest Goals For, then Goal Diff.
    • All players must submit online waiver to be eligible at www.madlax.com/waiver. Failure may result in team forfeit.
    • Teams must wear reversible game jerseys. Failure results in loss of ball in opening possession.
    • All games will stop IMMEDIATELY in the case of lightning and or thunder and players/spectators will be asked to seek shelter

    2018 Boys Tournament Divisions

    • 2022 Team - 2022 AA Division (Top Level & Championship Format)

    2018 Boys Tournament Schedule (Not Available Yet) - (2017 Field Map)

    The actual tournament format / schedule will be released in June. The general schedule is below.

    Saturday June 30, 2018 (Example Only)

    • 9 am Check-in

    • 10:00 AM versus Team 1 Field 9

    • 1:00 PM versus Team 2 Field 8

    • 4:00 PM versus Team 3 Field 9

    • 6:00pm = All-Star Game

    Sunday July 1, 2018
    (Example Only)

    • 10:30 AM versus Team 4 Field 6

    • 1:30 PM versus Team 5 Field 7

    2018 Check In / Check Out (Tournament)

    Check-in will be from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM on Saturday June 30th. 

    Check-out will be after your last game on Sunday July 1st. 

    The tournament director has asked that only the head coach from each team check-in and check-out.

    Players and parents should find the BR Staff Director. 

    Note: Plan on meeting us at the fields 45 minutes before your first game. We will email out more specific instructions on where to meet as we get closer to the tournament.

    2018 Lodging - (Parents and Players) - Codes are updated for 2018

    The tournament sent me the following information that parents can book directly:

    • Fairfield Inn and Suites Germantown, 20025 Century Blvd, Germantown - $129 a night for 2Q room - Click Here

    All other options

    Email or call the tournaments hotel specialist, Patti O'Brien, with any hotel questions or problems, 1-800-560-9946

    All Reservations need to be made by May 19, 2018.

    Hotels No Show Policy: Failure to cancel or check in at the above hotel will result in a charge of your entire stay to be billed.

    2018 What To Bring (Hotel and Fields)

    • For the room: toiletries.
    • For the field: game gear for five games; all equipment including but not limited to helmet, mouthpiece, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, sticks, cleats, turf shoes etc.
    • Water Bottles. Water will be provided on every field, but not water bottles.
    • Other: casual clothing for downtime & meals, etc.
    • Money: not too much, but enough for pizzas at night, drinks during the day, etc. from the concession stand, which will be located by the fields.

    2018 Transportation / Directions - There Is No Bus For This Tournament

    Please note that there will be no team travel arrangements for this tournament. Therefore, players are responsible for their own transportation to and from the tournaments. 

    Any player needing a ride should contact coach Calleri immediately.  He will help arrange carpools.  Any player/parent willing to help out with carpooling should also contact coach Calleri so that he will know where we have room in cars.  Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

    Specific Directions to the TOURNAMENT fields can be found HERE. Just enter your address / where you plan to leave.

    Traffic NOTE:
    Be aware there is a PGA Golf Tournament at Congressional all weekend as well and it will cause traffic on River Road at times.

    Field Layout
    Fields #1-8 are at The Polo Grounds at Summerhill Farm. Enter on Jerusalem Road.

    PLEASE TRY TO CARPOOL AND RIDE SHARE!!! Park at Polo Fields at SummerHill Farm if you are playing on fields 1-8 in first game. 

    2018 Meals - You Must Bring Money For Food As Most But Not All Meals Are Included

    The tournament DOES NOT provide any meals. The hotels normally have breakfast for the players included in the cost. All other meals are not built in to the trip.  Therefore, the kids need to bring money to pay for their meals.  Please plan accordingly.


    • Dinner - You are free to eat with your family and friends. There will be no team dinner.


    • Breakfast – you should eat at the hotel before coming to the tournament.
    • Lunch - concessions are available (bring money)
    • Dinner - You are free to eat with your family and friends. There will be no team dinner.


    • Breakfast – you should eat at the hotel before coming to the tournament.
    • Lunch - concessions are available (bring money)
    • Dinner - You are free to eat with your family and friends. There will be no team dinner.

    Concessions - There is a concession stand with hot dogs, sausage, chicken sandwiches and hamburger.

    Note: Please do not skip meals it will come back to haunt you during the game.

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