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  • Boys Clinics - Parent Testimonials

    Our players and their parents can depend on us to provide them with coaching, guidance, encouragement and support during all our different clinics and camps..

    Our clinic objectives are to provide quality instruction to players of all abilities in a supportive, fun and nuturing environment. We also look to instill skills, work ethic and leadership qualities that will help these players and their town / school teams when they return back to those lacrosse programs and communities.

    Some of our clinic goals include:

    • Teaching young athletes the skills of lacrosse through top level instruction including individual, small group and team settings.
    • Helping to build confindence, self-control, and determination,
    • Teaching young athletes to respect and honor the game, their teammates, their oppononets and the officials

    Here is what some of our recent cliniceague players and /or their parents have to say about us.

    Boys Clinics

    • "Both my son and I were very pleased with the content, organization, and attitude of the staff at the clinics.  I felt the pace was great with productive time throughout and little wasted time.  Also, I felt the staff had the right balance of nurturing and "butt kicking" for the middle school ages.  It was appropriate that the disciplining/"calling out" was done in a teaching and funny way while still being serious enough that the kids realized when they weren't doing the right things." Pete - Advanced Skills Clinic

    "I would DEFINITELY give a very STRONG recommendation to your skills camp, best money I've spent, real hands on learning. The boys enjoyed the coaches and the level of player they played with/against." Dan - Advanced Skills Clinic

    • "My son really enjoyed the skills camp this year. He came home after every session and mentioned he learned something new everytime. We have notice how much better he has become this year and really enjoys it - he plans on doing it again next year at the High School level." Candice -Advanced Skills Clinic

    • Your camp was very well ran.  My son is an eighth grader and he benefited greatly from this training and will need all of it and then some as he moves forward in the sport.  He is also in your league on Saturday's.  With that said, I am all in with BR and intend to stick with you.  I have two other sons that will be costing me some money there soon as well.   Thank you all for your obvious commitment and dedication to the sport." Tony  - Advanced Skills Clinic

    • "I loved the shooting clinic. I liked the experience of having the Machine guys coach it. I think it gave the boys a different perspective. Also, I liked the fact that it was just focused on shooting. There aren't that many clinics focused just on shooting. I would like to see something similar every year. Good job as always." Kane - Shooting Clinic 

    • "Definetly would recomend to others of any future camps of this nature. Hearing from someone who plays professionaly especially the same position always carries extra weight. My son took away 2 solid learnings that he will work on incorporating into his game. As a parent I loved the pace of the camp and each goalie receiving equal time to work on the drills. Great job by the instructor to stop play,point out an oppurtunity and share with all the goaliesways to play a situation correctly. Made the kids step up to the next level. We are true believers of Burning River and its program. I see the improvement in my son's play season over season. Thanks for making this program available so kids can improve their skills with PROPER training and drills." Andrew - Goalie Clinic 

    • "My son loved the clinic because there was a actual plan for the goalies and not just sitting in the cage for shooting drills that we've experienced at other places.  We are very pleased to be part of the BR family." Steve K - Goalie Clinic 

    • "BR continues to make new, high quality opportunities available to expand my son’s knowledge and love of the game.  The recent clinic with Ohio’s pro lax team gave him a great opportunity to get specific coaching from some amazing players.  Woody always goes the extra mile to ensure kids and parents are getting what they need from the program." Steve M - Goalie Clinic 



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