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  • Boys Leagues - Parent Testimonials

    Our players and their parents can depend on us to provide them with coaching, guidance, encouragement and support during our league practice and games.

    Our league objective is to provide quality instruction to players of all abilities in a supportive, fun and nuturing environment. We also look to instill skills, work ethic and leadership qualities that will help these players and their town / school teams when they return back to those lacrosse programs and communities.

    Our league goals include:

    • Teaching young athletes the skills of lacrosse through top level instruction including individual, small group and team settings.
    • Helping to build confindence, self-control, and determination,
    • Teaching young athletes to respect and honor the game, their teammates, their oppononets and the officials

    Here is what some of our recent league players and /or their parents have to say about us.

    Boys Leagues

    • "BR has such a great blend of skills and fundamental teaching while allowing the kids to practice those skills in a game environment towards the end of each session.  They start with a warmup and stretching and create a fun but respectful environment for the kids to learn in.  The caliber of coaches is impressive and the staffs passion for the sport is clearly evident in all that they do. Its a great program and we will be back." - Scott - MS / Youth son in the program

    • "Continue to work the kids hard and challenge them. My son refuses to continue attending many lacrosse camps that he has attended because they are boring and don't push him. This league he really enjoyed and felt he was actually learning and being pushed. Thank you." Toni - MS / Youth son in the program

    • "Your atmosphere is very positive and upbeat.  I do like the fact that you do on occasion get on the boys.  Young men need challenged by their leaders and sometimes that is lost when you pay for a camp or clinic.  The fact your not afraid to lead while instructing is outstanding.  Too many parents want nice with no challenge.  I want positive instruction, accountability expectation, and leadership examples for my sons.  You did this and I applaud you for it."  - Tony - multiple MS / Youth sons in the program.

    • "My son loved it, his favorite lax thing he's done...he was excited to come, very fun.  Loved sharks & minnows, liked drills no standing around.  He really enjoyed the staff.  I've already recommended, we will be back" - Charlotte - MS / Youth son in the program

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