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  • Ohio Coaching Requirements

    Below is a document sent to us listing the high school coaching requiremnts as per the State of Ohio. If you have any questions about the requirements please contact your school / athletic director. Burning River is not assocaited with these requiremnts and has no further information concerning them.

    OHSAA Rules and Regulations

    Please be aware that we at Burning River have no official affilication or relationship with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). We work with the same group of players, coaches, and officials. However, we are a private company that follows all Ohio $ Federal laws and regulations. We are not a part of interschoolastic (i.e. school sports) and their governing bodies. We do not get a vote on their bylaws nor do they gets a vote on our rules, bylaws and day to day operations.

    Having stated that we post OHSAA regulation so that lacrosse coaches, players, officials and administators can find them in one location.

    2016 OHSAA Coach and Player Transition Guide (posted 8/3/16)

    2016 OHSAA Boys Lacrosse Regulations (posted 8/3/16)

    2016 OHSAA General Regulation (posted 8/3/16)

    2016 Eligibility Standards for 2016-17 School Year (posted 8/3/16)

    2016 OHSAA Coach Memo (posted 8/3/16)


    High School Requirements

    2014-15 High School Requirements

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