Canadian Box Lacrosse

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What Is Canadian Box?

Canadian Box Lacrosse is a fast paced, physical indoor game played 5 v 5 plus a goalie in a hockey rink.  The boards are in play, the cages are smaller (4x4), the goalies are fully padded like hockey goalies, there is full substitution on the fly and a 30 second shot clock to ensure continuous fast paced play.

Coach Desko video - Why Play Box?

Why Play Canadian Box?

  • IMPROVED STICK SKILLS – because of the tight spacing you must have great stick fundamentals (can not hang your stick) & passes must be sharp /on target (no floating passes).  CB fundamentally forces you to change how you hold your stick, carry the ball and make passes
  • FASTER PACE OF PLAYING – because of the shot clock / constant subbing (up, down, off) players learn to play at a faster pace.  This teaches them to process what is happening on the field faster & provides a great benefit when they transition to the slower paced field game.
  • IMPROVED DODGING – Because of the tight spacing & boards dodging space is limited.  Players have to dodge vertically or suffer the consequences of being doubled teamed.  This teaches players to dodge hard (run through stick checks) & head to the cage (no drifting). 
  • SHOT SELECTION – Because of the tight spacing and fully padded goalie shooting space is at a premium.  This teaches players how to get their hands free quickly, use defenders as screens, and the difference between an okay shot (immediate turnover) and a high percentage shot.  “Best shot not first shot” as we say.
  • OFF-BALL MOVEMENT – Because of the limited room to dodge, off ball movement is at a premium (key to box lacrosse).  This means that players must learn to set on ball picks, set off ball picks & learn when to cut.  All skills that will help them in the field game.
  • IMPROVED POSITIONING – Because long poles are not allowed defensive players learn to improve their footwork and positioning (“use your hips”) rather than just throw takeaway checks on the defense.