BR Elite Skills Training (B.E.S.T) Summer Sessions

Our B.E.S.T. sessions are back by popular demand.  Starting in June and continuing until early July we will be holding weekly individual skills sessions.  The sessions are tailored to specific topics and areas that normally get limited coaching (faceoff, shooting & dodging, defense, and goalies). The sessions will be in small groups (12 or less for faceoff, shooting & dodging, defense, and 4 for goalies). The sessions are open to all area players and a first come, first served basis. To Register - Registration Closed For 2023

Summer B.E.S.T Session Offerings


Goalie Sessions

2014/23 Goalie Awards
• Ohio Position POY - (3x),

• All Ohio – 1st (10x), 2nd (7x), 3rd/HM (9x),
• All American – (10x), Acad AA (4x)
• N. Ohio POY - (2x),
N. Ohio Position POY - (5x)
• All Region – 1st (29x), 2nd (13x), HM (3x)


TJ Subel2

FOGO Sessions

2014/23 Faceoff Awards
• Midwest Under Armour team – (2x),

• State Championship Game MVP - (2x),
• Ohio Position Player Of The Year (3x),
• All Ohio – 1st (5x), 2nd (5x), 3rd/HM (4x),
• All American – (3x),• Acad AA – (3x),
• N. Ohio Player of the Year - (1x),
• N. Ohio Position Player of the Year (5x),
• All Region – (16x), 2nd (16x), HM (2x)

Dodging / Shooting Sessions
Dodging / Shooting Sessions

Dodging / Shooting Sessions

2014-23 Att / Mid Awards
• Ohio Player Of The Year (2x),
• Ohio Position Player Of The Year (4x),
• All Ohio-1st(22x), 2nd(23x), 3rd/HM (41x),
• All American – (28x),• Acad AA – (17x),
• N. Ohio Player of the Year - (10x)
• N. Ohio Position Player of the Year (22x),
• All Region – (123x), 2nd (92x), HM (10x)



Defense Sessions

2014 / 23 Defense Awards
• Ohio Position Player Of The Year (10x),

• All Ohio–1st(22x), 2nd(13x), 3rd/HM(23x)
• All American – (9x),• Acad AA – (5x),
• N. Ohio Position Player of the Year (18x),
• All Region – (61x), 2nd (34), 3rd (9x)


Parent Testimonials

  • "The hands on coaching and attention to detail has resulted in huge improvements in our son’s game. If you have a child who loves the sport and wants to improve……this is the place to train." Todd D - Shooting / Dodging Clinic
  • "Last nights clinic was awesome. I’ve tried many other of these shooting clinics before and I would say that this one was the best I have done yet. I loved the constant movement and how we were never standing around for that long. Thanks again and looking forward to next week already!" John R  - Shooting Clinic
  • "My son LOVED the session last night.  He appreciated the time each of the coaches took to help him one on one with the dodges and stick positioning.  He loved learning some stick tricks and working on foot skills too. He said he gained confidence in his abilities and is excited to try some of the dodge moves at a tournament this weekend.  He is looking forward to next week’s class!” Gwynne G - Shooting Clinic
  • My son loved the clinic because there was a actual plan for the goalies and not just sitting in the cage for shooting drills that we've experienced at other places." Steve K - Goalie Clinic
  • "I loved the individual attention, small group sizes, & lots & lots of touches. Super encouraging for my son, who lacked a little confidence. What a HUGE difference I have seen already just starting the spring season with his local team." C. Ploskuniak (FOGO & Shooting)
  • Just wanted to let you know that my son has been raving about the Skills session since he got home." Todd W. - Defense Clinic


2023 Summer Skills Sessions Overview
(Will Sell Out Quickly)

To Register

  • Registration Open - Closed For 2023
  • You can sign up for 1 or all of the sessions, which ever is best for you
  • Sessions do run at the same time so that you can not sign up for Faceoff and Shooting / Dodging on the same day.



  • Single Sessions - $30 for players, $35 for goalies



  • Everyone is welcome as long as they can pass and catch.  You do not have to be part of our travel teams to attend.


When (see individual location information below for actual dates):

  • Tuesday, June 13
  • Wednesday, June 14


  • Tuesday, June 20
  • Wednesday, June 21


  • Wednesday, July 5


  • Tuesday, July 11 (Changed to Wednesday, July 12)
  • Rain Date - Thursday, July 13



  • The summer skills sessions will be held at Broadview Heights Recreation Center (Rec Center).
  • The fields are located at 9543 Broadview Road.
  • For complete directions click on this link and enter your address



  • The summer skills sessions run from
    • 3:00 pm to 3:45 PM - Shooting / Dodging
    • 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm - Shooting/Dodging, Goalie, Faceoff, Defense


Sample Session Plan:

  • Goalies - Attendance, Footwork, Hand Speed, Warm ups, Focus 1 (e.g. bounce shots), Focus 2 (e.g. off stick), goalie wars
  • FOGO - Attendance, Footwork Drills, Hand Speed Drills, 7 drills of standard to start, Focus 1 (e.g. def exits), live.
  • Shooting / Dodging - Attendance, Footwork, Stick Trick, Dodge 1 from X (walk then run through), Dodge 2 from X, Dodge 3 from X
  • Defense - Attendance, Footwork, Proper Technique (stopping them with your hips/feet not your stick), stick checks (lifts, pokes), and 1 v 1 skills.

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