Outcalt Family – 2018 Graduate

“As a family we found that it was not so easy to wind our way through the landscape of travel lacrosse.  Our son Jeffrey played for a city sponsored team as well as numerous regional travel teams.  During this time we heard stories surrounding which programs were best- but it was difficult to assess the realty.  As Jeffrey’s interest in the game grew, and he entered high school, with a possible interest in playing on into college, we knew we needed to find a better solution.

The Burning River program came highly recommended, and we’re happy to report that the support from Coach Calleri and the staff lived up to the billing.  The teams were well run and competitive in even the most challenging tournaments.  In addition, Woody was consistent in not only seeking improvement from the players’ games- but also in mentoring the boys and families toward their future aspirations.

In reflection, we couldn’t have been more pleased with Burning River and Woody Calleri.  Jeffrey’s high school career met our expectations and he’s been afforded a broad array of opportunities to play at the next level.  Our thanks to Coach Woody and all the coaches, players and families.  We highly recommend his program to any aspiring LAX players and their parents!”