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Covid Protocols That We Used To Achieve Our Results (See Below) - 2021 Covid Protocols

  • Summer (35 practices, 16 tournaments, 4 tryouts and 12 skills sessions – between 3 and 20 coaches at each event)
    • 10,000+ individual practice sessions (2 hour practices )
    • 7,500+ individual game sessions (200+ games at 16 tournaments)
    • 1,200+ 2 hour tryout sessions
  • Fall (20 practices, 12 tournaments – between 3 and 7 coaches at each event)
    • 3,000+ individual practice sessions (2 hour practices)
    • 3,200+ individual game sessions (160+ games at 12 tournaments)
  • Winter (20 practices, 17 box league days, 200+ skills sessions – between 3 and 7 coaches at each event)
    • 5,000+ individual practice sessions (2 hour practices )
    • 1,500+ individual box sessions (2 hour practice + games)
    • 10,000+ individual skills sessions ( 1 hour skills sessions)

So over 40,000 total sessions and 16,000+ indoor sessions with no community spread and no issues.


Covid Reports / Examples Of Last Years Communications To Parents


June 18, 2020 - Contact Sport Practices - Mandatory and Best Practices - Responsible Restart Ohio Protocols For Contact Sports - Phase 2

May 28, 2020 - An open letter from Ohio Youth Lacrosse clubs to the NCAA about its' decision to extend the Dead Period to July 31 and the negative impact that has on Spring sport athletes.  ... As a spring sport, our players do not get a senior year because admission decisions happen before one’s senior season begins. That is why summer lacrosse is so important to the recruiting and college selection process. When you realize that these players lost their high school spring season and the recruiting opportunities that go along with that, you can see why this summer is so vitally important. The bottomline is that if there are no opportunities this summer these players will have permanently lost their final year of recruiting and the college opportunities that go with that. On that basis alone I would ask that the committee reevaluate this decision for all spring sports..........Full letter To NCAA on Extending The Dead Period


May 21, 2020 - Ohio announces that lacrosse program can begin conditioning and skills training as of May 26. Our staff could not be more excited!!! Guidelines can be found here - Skills Training Rules


March 2020 - The OHSAA and the Governor of Ohio have closed schools and delayed the start of the spring lacrosse season. As of right now, no summer tournaments have been impacted, delayed or altered.  We are in contact with tournament directors and are working diligently with them on contingency plans should the situation change. The coaches and staff at BR want to remind you that we are here for you now and will be here for you throughout the spring and summer.  We are locally based and locally focused.  We do not have national or regional distractions that cause us to focus elsewhere. Therefore, we can focus on what is best for our players and N. Ohio lacrosse. To that end we have put in place plans that will focus on 1) your lacrosse development, 2) keeping you ready for your spring season, 3) working with you on your college recruiting plan (high school players) and 4) working with the college coaches to make sure that you remain on their short list for your class. (high school players)  - We are currently speaking / meeting with coaches on a daily basis to discuss our players with them.

So what should you do now?

You need to focus on what you can control, not what others control.  Plain and simple you have been ‘sugar cookied’ as we like to say.  The gov't has decided on this course of action.  There is nothing you can do to change their decision.  However, you can decide how you will spend your downtime.  You can sit around and complain or you can work hard to be ready when the season returns.  Those who focus on what they can control and work hard to stay in shape will be the ones that can best handle the short season and playoff sprint when the spring season returns.  To that end, we have developed plans to help you to navigate the coming weeks and be ready to go once we have confirmation that health issues have abated and practices, scrimmages, games, playoffs and summer tournaments are good to go.

On our BLOG (Click Here) we discuss four possible scenarios and how we at BR will help you navigate each one of those.

Below we will find links to the information you need to complete the conditioning, footwork, strength training, and stickwork that we discuss in our BLOG.

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