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Since our inception we have been focused on improving lacrosse in Northern Ohio at all levels (youth, MS, HS and college), for all interested parties (players, coaches, officials, parents, etc.) and in all aspects of the game (playing, coaching, individual skills, recruiting, etc).   As part of that goal we have put together a page of videos to help everyone in the lacrosse community improve their lacrosse IQ and understanding of the game.

Videos To Help You Improve Your LaxIQ

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Note: These are not original BR videos.  They are links to videos created by others. 






EMO / MD / Zone



Middie Passing - Rabil
Playing Off Ball In Space
GTW 1-4-1 Mumbo
PSU - 3 High Pairs Off
Breakdown A D Mistake
Wing Dodge Breakdown
Duke Pairs From Uptop
Albany Goal Breakdown
UVA Offense Breakdown
Hopkins 1-4-1 Slides
Cornell's D vs Yale
SU Goal Breakdown
SU 2-3-1 Breakdown
Duke FB Breakdown
FB Off Of Sub Mistake
Scoring Against A Zone
Hopkins EMO
EMO & Zone Offense
1 Clip / 1 Drill Series
Recruiting Series

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