Canadian Box Lacrosse Travel Teams

2019 & 2020 Winter Box travel Team
2019 Winter Box travel Team2

Canadian Box Travel Team Tryouts

Tryouts for our Canadian Box travel teams will be held Sunday, Oct 20 from 10 am to 1 pm.  The tryouts will consist of a series of BOX games to evaluate stickwork, fundamentals, dodging and defending. Players will be evaluated by all the coaches at the event.

2019 Winter Box travel Team2

Box Travel Tournament Information

  • Teams - We have 3 box travel teams at 3 different age levels.
    • Each team consists of 15 field players and 2 goalies
      • Bantam (7th/8th Grade)
      • Midget (9th/10th Grade) - High School B
      • High School A (11th/12th Grade)
    • The teams will attend two (2) tournaments in the winter.
  • Cost - The tournaments are $210 each per player

  • Uniforms - No fee.  We use our Box Travel Team Jerseys, which are handed out at each event and then collected.

  • Dates -  The individual tournament dates are list under the tournament photos below.



Specific Box Travel Team Tournament Information
Information on the individual tournaments can be found by clicking the tournament photo below.